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Vision CP Batteries

Vision CP valve regulated lead acid batteries are designed with AGM(Absorbent Glass Mat) technology for maintenance free operation. Vision CP batteries are general purpose, 5 years design life, common applications include alarm systems, emergency lighting, medical equipment, UPS systems, and many more

Vision Part#Volts/ Capacity 20HRDimensions INStd. TermWeight (lbs)Case Qty
CP4454.0v 4.5Ah1.89 x 1.89 x 4.02.187"0.620
CP4954.0v 9.5Ah4.02 x 1.73 x 3.74.187"2.210
CP6126.0v 1.2Ah3.82 x 0.94 x 2.05.187"0.6810
CP6286.0v 2.8Ah2.60 x 1.30 x 3.82.187"1.4125
CP6326.0v 3.2Ah5.28 x 1.34 x 2.40.187"1.4310
CP6406.0v 4Ah2.76 x 1.85 x 3.98.187"1.6920
CP6456.0v 4.5Ah2.76 x 1.85 x 3.98.187"1.7220
CP650S6.0v 5Ah2.64 x 2.64 x 4.29Spring1.8710
CP6706.0v 7.0Ah5.94 x 1.34 x 3.70.187"2.4310
CP61006.0v 10.0Ah5.94 x 1.97 x 3.70.187"3.5810
CP61206.0v 12.0Ah5.94 x 1.97 x 3.70.187"4.0810
CP61406.0v 14.0Ah4.25 x 2.80 x 5.51.187/.2505.226
CP120812.0v 0.8Ah3.78 x 0.98 x 2.44Plug0.7520
CP121212.0v 1.2Ah3.82 x 1.69 x 2.05.187"1.3420
CP1223C12.0v 2.3Ah7.17 x 0.94 x 2.40Clip1.4310
CP122312.0v 2.3Ah7.01 x 1.38 x 2.40.187"2.1810
CP122912.0v 2.9Ah3.11 x 2.19 x 3.88.187"2.610
CP123212.0v 3.2Ah5.28 x 2.64 x 2.40.187"2.8710
CP124512.0v 4.5Ah3.54 x 2.76 x 3.98.187"3.4110
CP125012.0v 5.0Ah3.54 x 2.76 x 3.98.250"3.9710
CP1265AE12.0v 6.5Ah5.94 x 2.56 x 3.69.187"4.35
CP127012.0v 7.0Ah5.94 x 2.56 x 3.69.250"4.855
CP127212.0v 7.0Ah5.94 x 2.56 x 3.69.250"5.515
CP127512.0v 7.5Ah5.94 x 2.56 x 3.70.250"5.075
CP129012.0v 9.0Ah5.94 x 2.56 x 3.70.250"6.175
CP12100SF212.0v 10.0Ah5.94 x 2.56 x 4.37.250"8.165
CP12120F212.0v 12.0Ah5.94 x 3.86 x 3.74.250"8.052
CP1217012.0v 17Ah7.13 x 3.03 x 6.57NB11.852
CP121800XRP12.0v 18.0Ah7.13 x 3.03 x 6.57M612.12
CP12240E12.0v 24.0Ah6.54 x 6.89 x 4.92NB17.81
CP12240H12.0v 24.0Ah6.54 x 6.89 x 4.92M620.251
CP12280S-X12.0v 28Ah6.50 x 4.92 x 6.89M620.51

Vision FM Batteries

Vision FM valve regulated lead acid batteries are designed with AGM(Absorbent Glass Mat) technology for maintenance free operation. Vision FM batteries are general purpose, 10 years design life, common applications include alarm systems, emergency lighting, medical equipment, UPS systems, and many more

Vision Part#Volts/ Capacity 10HRDimensions INStd. TermWeight (lbs)Case Qty
3FM336.0v 33Ah6.26 x 3.35 x 6.73.250"12.91
3FM586V58Ah7.28 x 4.41 x 8.03NB24.251
3FM58-T6V58Ah7.28 x 4.41 x 8.03Conn24.251
3FM225S-AM6.0v 225Ah10.24 x 7.09 x 9.72NB68.31
3FM225-X6.0v 225Ah12.60 x 6.93 x 8.86M867.31
6FM7.212.0v 7.2Ah5.94 x 2.56 x 3.70.250"5.525
6FM17-X12.0v 17.0Ah7.13 x 3.03 x 6.57M512.11
6FM24-X12.0v 24.0Ah6.54 x 6.89 x 4.92M5191
6FM2912V29.0Ah6.54 x 4.92 x 7.36NB22.251
6FM29-T12V29.0Ah6.54 x 4.92 x 7.36Conn22.31
6FM33E-X12.0v 33.0Ah7.68 x 5.12 x 6.10M621.41
6FM33U112.0v 33.0Ah7.68 x 5.12 x 6.10NB24.31
6FM33H-X12.0v 33.0Ah7.68 x 5.12 x 6.10M622.51
6FM45-X12.0v 45.0Ah7.76 x 6.50 x 6.69M632.21
6FM55E-X12.0v 55.0Ah9.41 x 5.20 x 8.07M633.71
6FM55T-X12.0v 55.0Ah9.02 x 5.43 x 8.19M6431
6FM55-X12.0v 55.0Ah9.41 x 5.20 x 8.07M636.91
6FM75-X12.0v 75.0Ah10.16 x 6.54 x 8.11M652.91
6FM90T-X12.0v 90.0Ah12.05 x 6.65 x 8.27M666.11
6FM100F-X12.0v 100.0Ah12.99 x 6.73 x 8.46M870.61
6FM100HX12.0v 100.0Ah12.99 x 6.73 x 8.46M670.51
6FM100E-X12.0v 100.0Ah12.99 x 6.73 x 8.46M865.071
6FM120HX12.0v 120.0Ah16.14 x 6.93 x 8.94M683.81
6FM120SX12.0v 120.0Ah12.99 x 6.73 x 8.46M683.81
6FM134-X12.0v 134.0Ah13.46 x 6.77 x 10.75M693.71
6FM150HX12.0v 150.0Ah19.09 x 6.77 x 9.45M6103.61
6FM200HX12.0v 200.0Ah20.55 x 9.37 x 8.58M6143.31
6FM230-X12.0v 230.0Ah20.47 x 10.59 x 7.99M6160.11

Vision HP & HF Batteries

Vision HP & HF batteries are specially designed for applications that require high power output delivering up to 40% more power than standard Vision CP & FM batteries. Vision HP & HF batteries can be used in a variety of applications and are an ideal choice for UPS Systems.

Vision Part#Volts/ Capacity Watts 10minDimensions INStd. TermWeight (lbs)Case Qty
HP12-13W-FR12.0v 13W7.01 x 1.38 x 2.40.187"2.1810
HP12-22W-FR12.0v 22W3.54 x 2.76 x 3.98.250"3.7910
HP12-30W-FR12.0v 30W3.54 x 2.76 x 3.98.250"3.9710
HP12-35W-FR12.0v 35W5.94 x 2.05 x 3.70.250"4.815
HP12-46W-FR12.0v 46W5.94 x 2.56 x 3.70.250"5.785
HPS12-36W-FR12.0v 36W 15min5.94 x 2.56 x 3.70.250"5.745
HP12-60W-FR12.0v 60W5.94 x 3.86 x 3.74.250"8.62
HP12-116W-XFR12.0v 116W7.13 x 3.03 x 6.57M514.31
HF12-135W-XFR12.0v 135W6.54 x 6.89 x 4.92M519.81
HF12-155W-X-FR12.0v 155W6.50 x 4.92 x 6.89M521.41
HF12-165W-X-FR12.0v 165W7.68 x 5.12 x 6.10M625.81
HF12-211W-X-FR12.0v 211W7.76 x 6.50 x 6.69M632.61
HF12-260W-XFR12.0v 260W9.02 x 5.43 x 8.19M641.41
HF12-320W-XFR12.0v 320W10.20 x 6.54 x 8.11M652.91
HF12-370W-XFR12.0v 370W13.80 x 6.57 x 7.05M657.81
HF12-420W-XFR12.0v 420W12.00 x 6.65 x 8.27M666.21
HF12-470W-XFR12.0v 470W13.00 x 6.73 x 8.46M672.81
HF12-560W-XFR12.0v 560W16.10 x 6.93 x 8.94M883.11
HF12-600W-XFR12.0v 600W13.4 x 6.81 x 11.1M891.51
HF12-650W-XFR12.0v 650W19.10 x 6.77 x 9.45M81021
HF12-725W-XFR12.0v 725W20.90 x 8.23 x 8.46M8122.81
HF12-810W-XFR12.0v 810W20.60 x 9.41 x 8.58M8145.51
HF12-890W-XFR12.0v 890W20.60 x 9.37 x 8.58M81491

Vision Deep Cycle Batteries

Vision Deep Cycle batteries are designed to have a large amount of stored current discharged between charging sessions, with very heavy non-porous battery plates to withstand repeated major discharging and charging cycle(deep cycle). The Vision Deep-cycle battery uses a different chemistry for the plates active paste material, and a slightly stronger electrolyte than normal battery electrolyte, which allows for a much longer life in deep cycle applications.

Vision Part#Volts/ Capacity 10HRDimensions INStd. TermWeight (lbs)Case Qty
3FM180D-X6.0v 180Ah12.05 x 6.61 x 8.66M863.11
CP12120D12.0v 12.0Ah5.94 x 3.86 x 3.74.250"9.72
CP12180D12.0v 18.0Ah7.13 x 3.03 x 6.57NB131
CP12240D12.0v 24.0Ah6.54 x 6.89 x 4.92NB191
6FM33D-X12.0v 33.0Ah7.68 x 5.12 x 6.10M624.31
6FM33HD-X12.0v 33.0Ah7.68 x 5.12 x 6.10M624.91
6FM45D-X12.0v 45.0Ah7.76 x 6.50 x 6.69M630.41
6FM55TD-X12.0v 55.0Ah9.02 x 5.43 x 8.19M6431
6FM75D-X12.0v 75.0Ah10.16 x 6.54 x 8.11M652.91
6FM90TD-X12.0v 90.0Ah12.05 x 6.65 x 8.19M666.11
6FM100D-X12.0v 100.0Ah12.99 x 6.73 x 8.46M870.51
6FM120D-X12.0v 120.0Ah16.14 x 6.93 x 8.94M883.81
6FM150D-X12.0v 150.0Ah19.09 x 6.77 x 9.45M8103.61
6FM200D-X12.0v 200.0Ah20.55 x 9.37 x 8.58M8143.31
6FM230D-X12.0v 200.0Ah20.47 x 10.59 x 7.99M8160.11